Intergenerational Animation…

Beginning in early 2011 Morton Community Centre and practitioners Sheena Bleakney and Ann Harrison will be working with a group of younger people and older people to create together an animation movie of a story that will be told by Sheena Bleakney. The group will explore the story with Sheena and each pick a scene to develop with animator Anne.

Anne will use a mix of animation methods, for example, papermation: which is simply cutting out pieces of paper into the shapes of the characters or settings and taking pictures of each movement to create a moving image, papermation is also more accessible to use than clay, this ensures participants with all different ability levels can participate. The group will also experiment with clay and include some pieces in the animation.
The group will have a screening to showcase the animation in spring at a community celebration. (If you are interested in creating your own intergenerational project go to Linking Generations Northern Ireland for ideas and support

Here is an example of a fantastic animation community project in Salford.

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